Tonight’s Dinner is Brought to You by KFC

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Ask any of my friends here in Saigon (especially my Vietnamese friends) and they will all tell you that I’ve assimilated to daily life in Uncle Ho’s city extremely well. I enjoy Pho Bo and Ca Phe Sua Da on the street just like any self-respecting local. I hoard Vinamilk Sua Chua every time I go to Co.opMart. And except on days when I’m traveling outside of HCMC, I never miss having a Banh Mi Tuoi or two with Tra Da or Ca Phe Sua Nong at MY Bready on the corner of Nguyen Van Thu and Mac Dinh Chi.

But there are times when I just want to remind myself that I’m a foreigner. A stranger in this wonderful land of moto madness. On those days, I usually troop over to Vincom Center to soak in the atmosphere. But nothing says Nguoi Nuoc Ngoai better than stuffing yourself at a fast food chain like KFC. The meal above is Com Ga KFC or KFC Chicken Rice. For only 40,000VND (about 2USD/94PHP), you get a bowl of chicken and vegetable soup (which is what makes the meal distinctly Vietnamese), rice, a large drink, and a piece of KFC’s finger-lickin’ best. Add 9,000VND and you get the egg tart (which is worth 12,000VND outside of the combo meal). Ngon!

Good Friday Pre-Dawn Via Dolorosa

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Two hours before dawn on Good Friday, almost ten hours before I put together my Good Friday Baked Salmon, I was in front of the San Isidro de Labrador Church in Pulilan, Bulacan, wide awake and standing in the middle of a crowd of more than a hundred people, all of us waiting for town’s yearly “Daan ng Krus” or “Way of the Cross” to begin. From the church, we made our way around the poblacion, through silent streets, past quiet houses and sleeping dogs, to 14 homes that were chosen as the 14 Stations of the Cross. We arrived at the last station at around 7am, three hours after we started. Soft candlelight had given way to brilliant sun. After the final prayers, the crowd dispersed the same way it came together — with lively chatter. There was still the grand procession in the afternoon to prepare for. The day had just begun.

More pictures of the Pulilan Via Dolorosa here.

Looking for Iconic and Insightful Travel Images?

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